ARGID Technologies
Global door to door technologies.
Argid parcel pickup

Offer a new way to travel

Instantly add value to your offering alongside a revenue stream that provides all the benefit without any additional work.

Our technology seamlessly allows you to offer an uplifted service to delight your groups and tours with a new way to truly travel light.

Enjoy ancillary revenue and additional marketing data to retarget repeat business effectively. This can be offered as a standalone service, in basket or as a bundle with simplified plug-in technology.
Your groups will enjoy a seamless experience and reduce the stress while passengers travel hands free. Reducing any interconnectivity issues for you having to deal with lost luggage, allowing you to deliver a great service.
Argid online

Simple Solution

Bookings can be received by data transfer or api link, creating a simple and seamless solution.

Argid Suitcase

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our technology streamlines the delivery of luggage and parcels allowing your customers to enjoy the journey while increasing stress-free dwell time in areas to boost additional revenue.

Argid Parcels

Safe and Secure

Online booking and delivery are both safe and secure. We deliver to unlimited global locations with completed documentation, 24/7 tracking and customer support without additional work to you.

Don't be left behind, the future of travel is here
This offer will set you apart from your competitors and encourage repeat revenue and happy returning customers.

Increase your brand loyalty and enjoy more revenue.

Delight your customers with the opportunity to truly travel light. Allowing them to enjoy their experience without hassle and you get all the benefit.