ARGID Technologies
Global door to door technologies.

Student Luggage Delivery

Make moving to halls light work while we move all your belongings.

Argid Hotels

Home from Home

Move your personal belongings from home to uni and back with ease

Argid API

Simple Online Booking

Quick and easy, 3 step booking process.

Argid Parcels

Safe and Secure

Track deliveries every step of the way. Delivered to your destination address before you arrive.

Travel Light

No matter how you travelling home, by train, bus or a lift with friends - you only need to take the essentials, saving space and keeping your hands free.

Our Other Brands



Give discount and receive commission without integration.
Luggage Delivery Company

Luggage Delivery Company

The first mass market and budget traveller brand offering economy prices for a worldwide door-to-door luggage delivery.
First Luggage

First Luggage

The world’s first white glove VIP global door to door luggage delivery company successfully looking after the luggage of the world’s rich and famous since 2004.