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Take your business to the next level with seamless technology.

Simply add luggage delivery to your offering

Adding a revenue stream as a standalone or bundling option to delight your partner’s customers. Revolutionising the way people travel, without luggage – your partners and their customers bypass a host of travel issues that save time and reduce costs as well as pressure on services.
While the end customer is delighted with the opportunity to travel light, your partners build brand loyalty encouraging recurring revenue and happy returning customers.
Argid API

Simple and seamless

With easy onboarding and set up, access electronic reports and revenue monthly, weekly or daily.

Argid Suitcase

Bundling Opportunities

Delight your customers with a variety of bundling options that provide repeat revenue for your business.

Simplified Solutions
Helping things run smoother behind the scenes with leading technology to enhance your offering.

Don't be left behind

The future of travel is here - affording travellers a more enjoyable, without luggage, without stress and without queues. You and your partners can enjoy recurring revenue and happy returning customers without any additional work.