ARGID Technologies
Global door to door technologies.
Argid rail

On the right track

Ensure your services run smoothly without overloaded isles full of luggage. Increase space for your passengers to enjoy the journey.

Enjoy your station free of clutter from passenger luggage.

Reducing health and safety risks across the station and platforms as well as on board trains. With ever decreasing luggage space, you free up isles to allow passengers to enjoy the journey hassle free. Reduce workload on the ground with fewer health and safety risks as well as less time dealing with left or lost luggage.
Argid API

Simple and Quick bookings

3 step booking process allows passengers to use door to door luggage delivery alongside train or as part of an ongoing journey.

Argid Suitcase

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our technology streamlines the delivery of luggage and parcels allowing your customers to enjoy the journey while increasing stress-free dwell time in areas to boost additional revenue.

Argid Parcels

Safe and Secure

Online booking and delivery are both safe and secure. We deliver to unlimited global locations with completed documentation, 24/7 tracking and customer support without additional work to you.

Don't be left behind, the future of travel is here.
Your passengers will delight in less queuing to board trains and enjoy station facilities while you enjoy repeating ancillary revenue and happy returning passengers.

Be the station and travellers choice with innovative technology

Delight your customers with the opportunity to truly travel light. Allowing them to enjoy their experience without hassle and you get all the benefit. Without any additional work.