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Worldwide network, delivering results through our trusted partners
ARGID Partners
ARGID Partners

With over 100 years combined experience within the logistics industry, our active
board of directors have built up a portfolio of trusted partners across multiple sectors
and networks to enable the safe, secure and seamless service that Argid Technology
delivers today.

Our service partners include DHL Global, DHL Express and DHL Special Projects, FedEx, FedEx Trade Networks, Fedex Express, UPS, TNT, freight forwarders and logistics partners including their agents, sub agents and key personnel. The unique way we work with our partners to deliver luggage, sports equipment and personal effects for travellers worldwide has been a proven success since 2004.

Through our experience, advanced technology and global network, we enhance our service partners and provide the very best delivery service for the end user. Our technology and AI features allows us to partner with the best delivery provider on a global and local level to ensure all items are sent on time, and at the best rates, proactively tracking each item 24/7, automatically communicating with Customs bureaus and partner networks world wide.

We work across multiple sectors within the travel, tourism and hospitality industries providing an offering like no other that generates a recurring revenue and delights your customers so they come back time and time again.