ARGID Technologies
Global door to door technologies.

Added Value Service

With no added cost to you. Just recurring revenue and happy returning customers.

Create a unique experience and less stress of lugging baggage for your clients

By using our technology to plug into your platform, your clients will easily be able to send their luggage and large equipment, enjoying a stress free journey with their items waiting for them at tend destination.

Repeating Revenue

Earn repeating revenue when your customers book their hands free travels.

Send Ugly Parcels with Ease

Golf, ski and leisure equipment is sent with ease using our door to door services.

Quick and Simple

Onboarding is quick and simple, as is the booking process for your clients.

Transform the experience for your customers with our cutting edge technology that earns you repeat revenue.
Don't be left behind, the future of travelling light is here.

Be the leisure service of choice and enjoy repeat revenue and happy returning customers

Delight your customers by making their journey light work. Allowing them to enjoy their experience without any hassle while you get all the benefit.