ARGID Technologies
Global door to door technologies.

Increase revenue across your airport

Allow passengers to enjoy the retail and hospitality that your airport offers by increasing their airside time – without having to check in luggage.

Without luggage, you instantly reduce queuing times and security risks which, in turn relieves pressure from ground staff and relieves interconnectivity issues.

Passengers revel in travelling light while your airport enjoys ancillary revenue and uplift in revenue on site – all while reducing workloads and enjoying recurring revenue and happy returning travellers.
Passengers with special requirements are able to move through your airport smoothly and spend more time enjoying retail and hospitality and arriving for their flight on time and delighted with their airport experience.
Argid API

Data and Revenue Analysis

With easy onboarding and set up, you can track real-time data and revenue from one simple dashboard.

Argid Suitcase

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our technology streamlines the delivery of luggage and parcels allowing your customers to enjoy the journey while increasing stress-free dwell time in areas to boost additional revenue

Argid Parcels

Safe and Secure

Online booking and delivery are both safe and secure. We deliver to unlimited global locations with completed documentation, 24/7 tracking and customer support without additional work to you.

The future of travel is here. Don't be left behind, make your airport travellers' choice with our value add service.
With less luggage through the airport, staff will be able to focus on delivering excellent service than cluttered carousels. Lost and left luggage will become a thing of the past and greatly reduces the health and safety risks posed across the terminals.

Create a positive experience for travellers

Delight your customers with the opportunity to truly travel light. Allowing them to enjoy their experience without hassle which allows them to enjoy hospitality and retail rather than queues and delays.