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Global door to door technologies.
Argid Airlines

No hold ups

Reduces the challenges of all luggage and avoids interconnectivity challenges
with luggage. Reduces operational needs and costs of check-in desks and luggage handling, allowing passengers to arrive for their flight, stress free.

Bypass a host of travel issues

Create more space with less luggage from passengers. Reduce likelihood of delay caused by queues within the airport. Reduce pressure from interconnectivity issues. Allow your passengers to arrive happy and enjoy the flight without cluttered overhead storage and less baggage at their feet.
Allowing passengers with special requirements a seamless experience through the airport and on board. Families can travel with less, allowing them to focus on their experience and keeping children calm throughout the flight.
Argid online booking

Cut delays

Less baggage, less work on the ground and for the plane and fewer queues for your passengers

No interconnectivity issues

Without luggage, your airline staff don't have to worry about moving as much luggage, also reducing health and safety issues.

Argid rail

Reduce pressure on airline and airport

Fewer check in desks needed, fewer risks of lost or misplaced luggage.

Transform travel for your passengers with our cutting edge technology that earns you repeat revenue.
Don't be left behind, the future of travel is here.

Be the airline of choice and enjoy repeat revenue and happy returning passengers

Delight your passengers with the opportunity to truly travel light. Allowing them to enjoy their experience without any hassle while you get all the benefit.