ARGID Technologies
Global door to door technologies.
Argid Joint Branded Website

Joint Branded Website

Our first technology was launched with the popular joint branded website to offer your customers a completely unique experience.

A seamless service to enhance your business and your customers’ experience.

Our proprietary joint branded technologies now enable travel, tourism and hospitality industries to plug-in and immediately enjoy ancillary revenue while offering value-added service to their existing and new customers.
With instant plug-in capabilities, our technology allows you to enhance your offering and start earning ancillary revenue – without doing any additional work.

Argid takes care of all operational requirements to deliver global door to door services. There are no running costs. Just recurring revenue and happy returning customers.
Argid API

No Onboarding Required

Instant joint-branded website set up can be ready easily and quickly.

Argid Suitcase

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our technology streamlines the delivery of luggage and parcels allowing your customers to enjoy their experience with your brand.

Argid Parcels

Safe and Secure

Online booking and delivery are both safe and secure. We deliver to unlimited global locations with completed documentation, 24/7 tracking and customer support without any additional work to you.

Enhancement through technology

Enhancing your business, service, revenue and customer experience with one simple solution. Argid Technologies connects to your platforms in a way that suits your business and customers’ needs.

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