ARGID Technologies
Global door to door technologies.


A personalised door-to-door luggage delivery service option without any need for integration. 
Access a unique and trackable discount code that you can offer to your audience, start earning commissions instantly.​​

A seamless and tech free solution to add value to your business instantly

Global door-to-door luggage delivery service that enables you to offer your users a discount, while you receive commission without the need for any tech integration. Get started instantly with your unique code and personlise your users’ customer experience.

No Onboarding

Instant access without any tech plugged into your platform

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our technology streamlines the delivery of luggage and parcels allowing your customers to enjoy the journey while increasing stress-free dwell time in areas to boost additional revenue

Safe and Secure

Online booking and delivery are both safe and secure. We deliver to unlimited global locations with completed documentation, 24/7 tracking and customer support without additional work to you.

Enhancement through technology

Enhancing your business, your service, revenue and customer satisfaction with one simple solution. Argid Technologies connects to your platform in a way that suits your business and customers’ needs.

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