ARGID Technologies
Global door to door technologies.

Eurostar Joint Branded Website

The popular choice for our technology to integrate with partners to add value to their offer and enjoy recurring revenue and happy returning customers.

Argid rail

Save space

With less luggage on board, there is more space for passengers, less delays when boarding and reduced security risk

Argid Suitcase


We will collect your shipment from an address of your choice, whether that be your home, place of work or a hotel

Argid API


Quick and easy booking. With data tracked so you can earn repeat revenue from returning customers

Joint Branded Experience
Our joint branded websites provide a unique and simple experience for passengers and travellers. Set up is instant with no onboarding or additional work to you. Just recurring revenue and happy returning customers.

Our Brands



Give discount and receive commission without integration.
Student luggage delivery

Student Luggage Delivery

Make moving to halls light work while we move all your belongings.
Luggage Delivery Company

Luggage Delivery Company

The first mass market and budget traveller brand offering economy prices for a worldwide door-to-door luggage delivery.